Remittance Application

  1. The Company may remit the remittance through any correspondent bank or agency, but not responsible for its execution or breach of contract.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, all remittances / money orders will be converted into payment in the currency of the purchase or exchange rate of the Company's correspondent bank or agency.
  3. Payment of remittances shall be handled in accordance with the legal provisions of the place of payment and the market practice. Neither the Company nor its correspondents or agents shall be responsible if the loss or delay of the task is caused by the relevant laws or market practices.
  4. The Company, upon receipt of the confirmation from the correspondent bank that the money will be disposed of freely by the Company, shall be remitted in the original draft.
  5. If the draft is lost, stolen or damaged, the remitter shall indemnify and remit the draft or withdraw the money in accordance with the provisions of the Company. The Company shall have the option of returning such money without reissuing the draft.
  6. If there is any error in the process of delivery, such as any delay or breach of contract, mistakes in mailing order, fax or other information, failure to identify / identify the beneficiary, or any accident beyond the control of the Company and its agents Resulting in any loss or damage, the Company and the agency and the agency is not responsible for.
  7. All remittances in the text company can be plain language, code or password.
  8. The Company shall not be responsible for any negligence, mistake or omission on behalf of the correspondent bank or industry.
  9. All remittances are paid by the remitter.
  10. Before leaving the counter please check clearly all the money, from the cabinet is not responsible.
  11. If you have not received the payment in 3 working days from the date of remittance, please contact us by your ID card number. The receipt is only valid within 30 days.

I have read and understand clearly the rules for applying for remittances