Recruitment, training and development

USD Exchange Financial Group is committed to providing assistance in all aspects, so as to make the career planning and development of employees more clearer, and provide a full range of on-the-job training to enhance their condition at all times. We attach importance to talent, care for talent. Employees encourage each other to support and grow together. We unite to follow the company to a new milestone.
USD Exchange Financial Group regards “Talents” as our precious assets. We places great emphasis on nurturing talents. Supervisor is committed to training employees and developing the Company’s business actively. Management and employees jointly assume responsibility for the long-term development of the Group.
We are longing for talent and expecting young people to join the USD Exchange Financial Group to work together towards the future of USD Exchange.

Shop Assistant (full-time and part-time)

Duty: Responsible for all positions in the exchange store
Full-time: Average daily work of 9 to 10 hours, shift holiday
Part-time: Working hours and days are not limited
Qualifications: Secondary form 3, without experience, can type Chinese
Language: Fluent Cantonese, Fair English and Mandarin
Warm and courteous, cheerful, positive working attitude, responsible, good communication skills
Salary: (Full-time) Monthly salary up to $13,000
(Part-time) Every hour up to $50
Bonuses and allowances: Diligence bonus, year-end bonuses, additional allowance rewards for good performance.
Holiday: One day a week, the government statutory labor holidays, wedding leave, compassionate leave.
Welfare: Staff activities, on-the-job training, good promotion opportunities.