Q:Each country has different restrictions on the amount of cash for passengers entering and exiting the country. The following is information about the amount of cash that can be carried in and out of each country.
(For reference only)

A: China – Can hold up to 20,000 RMB(Approximately HK$24,675)


According to Mainland law, travelers can not carry currency beyond the limit to exit without authorization. Outbound travelers carry a cash allowance of 20,000 RMB/ equivalent in foreign currency 5,000 USD (More than once in the same day can not carry more than 500 US dollars, more than 15 days can not carry in and out of more than one thousand US dollars); If exceeded the limit, travelers should take the initiative to declare to the Customs, with the ” Carrying a foreign currency exit permit ” signer by bank foreign exchange administrations.


Other popular countries


Japan: Can carry up to 1 million yen (Approximately HK $71,000)
Taiwan: Inbound cash limit of NT $ 100,000 (Approximately HK $26,800)
South Korea: Do not hold more than $ 10,000 to enter  (Approximately HK$78,184)
U.S.: Do declare if bring more than $ 10,000 to declare  (Approximately $78,184)
Australia: Do declare if bring 10,000 Australian dollars or more  (Approximately HK$63,228)

Q: When will the exchange rate change?

A: We generally update the currency exchange rate and wire transfer rates at 9:00 a.m. According to the market price, it may also be changed at other times.

Q: What are the accepted payment methods?

A: USD Exchange accepts cash, bank notes, checks, online bank transfer. However, if payment is made by check or money order, it may take one business day for banks to arrange for remittance.

Q: What information does the customer need to present when trading at USD Exchange?

A: If the amount of cash transactions equivalent to or exceed HK $ 120,000; or wire transfers are equivalent to HK $ 8,000 or more and due to current laws in Hong Kong, the requirements are as follows:

Personal Client

  1. Need to show a copy of ID card or passport and proof of valid address within the last three months. (Water, electricity, gas, telephone bills, bank correspondence, etc.)
  2. Chinese customers are required to present a copy of their national ID card and passport or passport.

Company Client

  1. Copy of the Host Identity Card
  2. Proprietor / remitter's contact or company address proof (water, electricity, gas, telephone bills, bank correspondence, etc. within 3 months)
  3. A signed copy of the Business Registration Certificate (BR)

Remittance agents and currency exchange companies

  1. Hong Kong Customs Registration License
  2. The above documents

Q: Do I need to go to the store of USD exchange for registration?

A: If you are applying for your membership for the first time, you must register at any branch of the Company. Please bring a copy of your ID card or passport and valid address proof in the last three months when registering. (Water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, telephone bill, bank letter, etc.). Mainland customers also need to present a copy of their national ID card and passport or Exit/Entry Permit.

Q: When will the recipient receive payment after applied for remittance at USD Exchange?

A: According to the needs of guests to provide immediate, within a day and 48 hours to account service (except holidays).

Q: When does booking foreign currency stock?

A: If you need a lot of foreign currency, please contact us one to two days in advance to make a reservation. If the customer has already booked the currency, the transaction must be completed within the appointed time.

  1. All exchange rates are for references only. Exchange rate at the time of transaction shall prevail.
  2. The foreign currencies that have been reserved can not be canceled or change amount, and must be taken until 6:00 pm on the same day. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Q: Minimum amount of exchange?

A: US exchange does not set the minimum exchange amount.

Q: Remittance fee

A: Remittances below $50,000 received HK $ 30 fee. $50,000 or more free of charge.