“Social Responsibility”

USD Exchange has been put much effort in promoting goodwill and has been enthusiastically involved in various charity events for the past three years. Including “A Drop of Life” and charity activities organized by Hong Kong Guide Dog Service Center. Our director, Mr. Chan Ka-Po, and his family are actively involved in the project. At the same time, we encourage employees to contribute to the community. Let all employees holding a heart of passion, lighten the spirit of mutual assistance and love.


In early 2018, USD Exchange received the thank-you note from Hong Kong Guide Dog Service Center to thank for our support and encouragement to guide dog service.


We also promise that we will always be enthusiastic about public welfare, care for the community and bring benefits to more disadvantaged groups.

“A Drop of Life”

“A Drop of Life” was established in 1998. With the aim of “passing love and realizing love,” it committed to bring clean water to people in need.

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663 million people in the world lack of clean and safe water source. Millions of women and children totally spend more than 200 million hours a day daily on water harvesting, equivalent to 22,800 years. School-age children in Asia and Africa averagely hiking 6 kilometers per day per person, for drawing water to their families. Every minute, children die of diarrhea and related complications due to poor sanitation or dirty water. Clean water brings educational opportunities, economic growth, health and hope.

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We are convinced that access to clean water is the basic right of everyone to survive and the key to solving the problems of school dropouts and poverty.